We are not farmers.  Nor do we ever hope to be.  We do not now, nor will we ever own or even live on a farm.  I can’t ride a horse, and I can’t milk a cow.  In fact, I can’t do much at all, but I can take one heck of a picture.

So why have we chosen to name our business Maggie’s Farm?  You’re right, it doesn’t make sense.  But, if you’ve ever heard the song (written and sung by Bob Dylan), you’d understand that it is an anthem of rebellion.  It’s also a raging cry against the status quo, and the powers that be.  So, there it is, out there for the world to read.  We are in rebellion.  We are revolting (in the verb sense, not the adjective).

I am a teacher by training and by disposition.  I’ve been in the public school system for over 10 years.  After 10 years, I’ve come to realize that it’s time to break the shackles, cut the chains, run from the whip, and get myself free.  Life is too short to live under the authority of another, and even worse to survive at the whims of a system.

So, what’s a person to do?  It has been my calling to help others, to follow my passions, to teach and to give.  I’ve been making pictures since I was a young teen, and the many years that have passed since my first camera, I’ve studied the great masters of the past and present.  I’ve worked hard to develop a style of photography that aims mightily at the heart of every subject I shoot.  When I make a picture, I make it matter, because to do less would be to act without purpose.  I shoot more than what I see.  I create pictures of what we are supposed to see.  That is a hard task, indeed.  Photography is a passion of mine to bring the best of this world into the brilliant light of perception.  So if you want more than what you typically see from local photographers, you should call or email us.

Anthony Blake Maggie's Farm Photo

Anthony.Blake@MaggiesFarmPhoto.com | 951-842-5885

Bea Maggie's Farm Photo

Bea.Blake@MaggiesFarmPhoto.com | 909-744-7403

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