After the rain…


It rained yesterday morning, and as it happens in California, a few hours later, the rain was gone, the grass was dry, and the only trace remaining were the fleeing clouds glowing in our darkening skies.  I took this picture, and as I sat at my computer yesterday looking at it, it reminded me of something my sister had just written about rain making everything new and offering opportunities for beginnings.  I don’t know if that was on my mind as I shot the picture, but it was an idea that trailed me throughout the day after I’d read it.  I think this picture offers a good visual for that thought.  The light in their faces suggests to me the promise held out to each of us in life…happiness, love, security.  In the background of our lives there are all sorts of darkness that sometimes cling to us like tentacles from so many personal hells.  So many of us struggle too hard and too long to free ourselves of our own pasts, and in so doing, we lose all hope of the futures we deserve.

I look at the bright faces upon this family, and I don’t see anything but hope and happiness and promises of tomorrow.  I see a young family being launched into everything good that life has to offer.  It is, to me, an emblem that we should each hold dear of what life is supposed to be.


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