Ballet, anyone?

Abigail 1st day of danceJust like any loving parent, when my kids get involved in something new, I’m there…with a 200mm lens and a bunch of flash equipment, and tripods, and lighting stands, and emergency backgrounds, and usually, the people who see me show up with all this equipment roll their eyes as they say something like, “Look, buster, pack that stuff up and put it in the car before someone trips and dies.”  So, there I was with a lens, bad light, and so much love in my heart that I thought the entire world would explode.  I did what I had to do.  I found a window (tinted, sucks for me), I found an angle, the right position, I pushed a few mothers out of the way, and then I waited.  As Tom Petty has so eloquently said, It is the waiting that is the hardest part.  I am so happy that I took this picture.  It sums up exactly what I will always remember for Aby’s first dance lesson.


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