Basical’s December Photo Shoot

Basical's Square



Welcome to your photographs.  To make viewing easier, we’ve divided your photos into 5 groups.  To access any of these groups, simply click the following links:  

                                        1. Red Folder

                                        2. Blue Folder

                                        3. Yellow Folder

                                        4. Purple Folder

                                        5. Green Folder

The photographs in these folders are proofs only.  Once you select the photographs you want for print, share those selections with me. Your pictures will then be fully edited and prepared for print up to nearly any dimension you desire.


To see our current prices, please follow this link:  Price List.


You will need a password, but should already have received that in an email from us.  If you need further help, feel free to contact either Bea or me.


Anth & Bea

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