Alison on skateboard in Zion

Well, we got our 2015 Zion trip done, and have decided that it was so beautiful and so fun that there will likely be a Zion Part II later this year.  Part I was mostly a family trip, so I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of the park as I’d have liked, but I did get some very nice shots of Zion’s petroglyphs, as well as a few of the wild life.

I still remember driving into Zion a few years back by myself early in the morning slack-jawed and wide-eyed at just how amazing the place was.  I hadn’t yet read any of the literature that explained the Mormon iconology that has played such a large role in the park, but even without that knowledge, I remember sensing that the place was somehow holy.  It’s a breath-taking place.  There is so much there that seems designed to rebuild the spirit.  Unfortunately, Alison and I got pretty sick during this trip.  We weren’t able to tackle our dream hike–Angel’s Landing.  But, like I said, there will likely be a Zion II, so with a little luck, a little health, we’ll be there, at the top looking down with cameras and recorders in hand.


When Dionne first asked us about some new family pictures, I got really excited.  She has a beautiful family, and I just knew I wanted to create something really special.  To me, her family has always represented a sort of nouveau-Americana.  They are, from my experience with them, wonderfully traditional, yet how exactly does traditional fit in with modernity?  How do you capture a sense of past and present simultaneously?  A tree swing, of course…at least in my mind.

Douglas Family in Color-2

I used a traditional American setting, a tree, a swing, kids, but decided to go for a contemporary interpretation of color and space.  The result, I think, turned out spectacular.  I honestly think I was successful in capturing the emotive space I wanted, as well as an honest portrayal of the love that bleeds from the souls of this entire family.  Anyone who knows them knows, after all, that this family is built on that…love!

Douglas Family in Color-4


Of course, not every shot can be of kids on a swing, so we had to do a variety of other shots as well.  But these, too, were of a similar flavor, I hope.  I think the overall message of the pictures is clear.  Here, in our time and our place, there are families still that are bound together by that cosmic and God inspired force that makes the human race something magical in our universe.  We have the capacity to think so far beyond our own selves, to embrace our children, our husband and wives, people who are not ourselves, but are in many ways more significant to our selves than our selves, that we practically disappear as individuals.



Douglas Family in Color-5


I also appreciate the energy that flows through this series of shots.  I think the pictures capture youth, and joy, and promise.  It was a joy for me to make these pictures, and It is my hope that they will be treasures held close to the heart for both Dionne and Ben, maybe even passed on to their kids in later days.  But that is the dream of anyone who makes pictures for a living, I suspect.  I’m a lucky man to be able to do what I do for people I care about.

Douglas Family in Color-6 Douglas Family in Color-7 Douglas Family in Color-8 Douglas Family in Color-9 Douglas Family in Color-10 Douglas Family in Color-11 Douglas Family in Color-12 Douglas Family in Color-13 Douglas Family in Color



Abi playing with bubblesSo, I set up a small stage to play with an idea for a shot involving bubbles.  I had no idea how much fun this would be for Abi.  She laughed, and laughed, and then, in a moment of inspiration, she grew aware of all the sailing colors and all the things that a single bubble is able to capture on its surface.  It was a moment of near-disbelief, too.  For each of us, I think it was a moment of magic.


Boy, the holidays make it tough to keep the blog updated.  We did so much and have so many pictures to get back to people.  The next couple weeks are gonna be super busy.  But, that said, it’s always nice to take a short break and share the innocent beauty of life that babies represent.  I love these pictures of little AnnaLisa.  I can’t wait till she’s a little older so we can see what she becomes.  Those pictures will undoubtedly be equally amazing…after all, she’s such a beautiful girl already!