Devin, Grace, and Co.

So thankful that Bea and I have had the chance to follow Devin and Grace throughout their first pregnancy.  It has been really nice watching Grace’s belly grow, but even better has been the opportunity to capture that growth knowing that these pictures I’ve taken will be a part of this family’s history, and an important part of Devin’s and Grace’s shared memories. Following their progress has allowed me to reflect on my own kids, and to look at them with those old eyes that were so full of anticipation and expectation for their arrivals.  I don’t have many pictures of my first daughter’s childhood, and I will always regret that.  I have many more of Abigail, and can’t look at them without my entire heart filling with joy.  It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to provide others with pictures that I know will be cherished, and that will keep the important moments alive in their memories forever.

Accessing Your Proofs

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to photograph your family. I hope you enjoy the images that can be found at this link: Devin & Grace Photographs.  Each photo will have a file name assigned. To choose the photos you’d like, simply let me know the file name, and we will then begin the editing process. Photos that have our logo have already been processed. This is to give you an idea what the final images will look like. For future reference, the link above points to this web address:

Once again, thanks for choosing us as your photographers.

Anth and Bea

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