Abigail with feather crown

I was watching the oddest tutorial on how to make cheap headdresses, and while I am hardly the crafty type of guy (I doubt many guys are crafty type guys), I was mesmerized.  It became one of those things that you just can’t shake.  I had to rush to the craft store to pick up my supplies.  Well, I got the feathers, the glue, the Christmas ribbon and put it all together.  “Now what?” I wondered.  The answer was “Now nothing.”  My kids weren’t nearly as interested in the crowns as I’d thought they would, so they just sat around the house to be tripped over.  Then, on Monday, a holiday, we all decided to take a trip to Riley’s farm.  Abigail, out of the blue decided she really liked her crown and asked me to put it on her.  We went for our trip, took a long walk, and I was lucky enough to spot her out of the corner of my eye looking just like she does above.  The confluence of those invisible forces that we know exist but can never see, hear, or touch, all came together, I think.  Click, another favorite picture of the week.

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