Maggie's Farm Wedding in Joshua Tree in June cover

Joshua Tree Wedding June 2013

Maggie's Farm Wedding in Joshua Tree in June

What does one say about a wedding between two very intelligent and very independent people who refuse to accept the dictums that are so sternly placed upon all of us by so many outside forces?  It was unique, it was beautiful, it was full of warmth (and not just from the 114f temps), it was full of friendship and family.  So many people pitched in to make this event special that it really points out to the beauty inherent in both the groom and the bride.  I’ve said it before, and I say it again and again because I still think it is true, taking pictures of people is and should be something bordering upon the spiritual.  We capture moments, but we also capture so much more.  In a look, a simple gaze of eyes, one person’s upon another, so much is revealed that words rarely are able to speak.  In a simple look, a photograph can capture the weight of all the love or hate contained within the human heart, and such a photograph can leave speech with nothing more to add.   Congratulations Danielle and Greg, and thank you for sharing your day  with us.

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