Just got accepted into the HotBox

The photo above was take while on vacation in Santa Barbara.  It’s true what they say, to get really good at photography, the number one rule is share your photos.  I posted this photo to a group in Flickr (free to join) and a large group of people got access to it.  They looked at it, voted, and decided it was a photo worthy of their repository of good photos.  Feel good to have it liked?  Yes!  But, more than that, the comments help me to figure out what I’m doing right, and how I can improve what I’m doing.  Sharing is caring.

2 thoughts on “Just got accepted into the HotBox

  1. thisphotodaddy Post author

    Thanks. I like pictures that tell stories too. I really want to get out and start taking a bunch of candid shots. That’s fun and scary. You never know what you’ll find or how people will react.


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