Just one flash


I took the above picture last night while on a walk with my family.  It was dark, and I knew I needed to use some flash, but I also knew that the worst thing I could have done was to put the flash on my camera and shoot straight on.  The solution to getting a good shot was easy.  I asked my wife to hold the flash about 45 degrees left of where I was standing and had her point it directly at my daughter, Alison.  A simple shot became a great shot instantly.  No magic, no tricks, no fancy processing.

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One thought on “Just one flash

  1. dennstedt

    This is so good it hurts (almost makes me want to give up photography). And unlike many photographers you are always generous enough to share your techniques and thoughts. It must be the teacher in you. I’ve always tried to do the same (especially with the young folks), but often they’re unwilling to spend the time and effort to learn the basics. Being an old fuddy-duddy I think the very best training still comes from film and manual camera experience before leaping into the digital world (learning the basics of composition, shutter speed, aperature settings and film speed are so important). My old film cameras are relics now, but still jewels in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your art and knowledge. SFD


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