When it rains…


It’s a scary thing when the rain starts to fall and you have a photo shoot scheduled.  For a photographer, the heart begins to strum with the music of all the possibilities that the bad weather opens.  But I’m not sure clients are always so inclined.  When the rain comes, the light that falls from sky is diffused in such a way that the only possible picture you can take is a beautiful picture.  The rain brings out the warmth of our souls and brightness of our smiles, and it washes away, if for only a moment or day, the many problems that seem to weigh us down.  We are like this from children onward, I think.  I was so happy that Liam’s family brought him out this morning.  It was cold, but not too cold.  It was wet, but not too wet.  He was cute, and happy, and by the end of the photo-shoot he was ready for a snug nap in a warm blanket…Just the way every rainy day should end.

4 thoughts on “Liam

    1. Anthony Blake Post author

      He’s a cutie, alright. And what a happy boy! We had a lot of fun taking his pictures. You’re a lucky Gramma, that’s for sure.


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