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I’ve had some negative comments about my photographs lately.  People have commented that the reason my pictures look so nice is that I have expensive equipment and do a huge amount of alterations through photoshop.  To prove this is not the case, I present a couple pictures taken with my cell phone, with minimal processing via some apps available for free to anyone.  I hope everyone enjoys a whole new type of viewing experience.  I present, Moodoir Photography.

One thought on “Moodoir Photography

  1. dennstedt

    Anth, you and I have had this conversation before (more than once). I’ve written a number of blog posts about this same criticism from unknowledgeable people with the their negative critiques. I’ve been a photographer for 60 years, a professional for 5, and many of my photog friends are professionals. You’re one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to shooting people, and mastering the light. The whole great equipment/Photoshop debate is a bunch of bunk. Any ‘real’ photographer knows the value of becoming a master of his/her craft. Ansel Adams (the photographer icon himself) developed much of what we take for granted in Photoshop today. Keep up your great work, and don’t let the naysayers diminish your drive. Steve (Indochine Photography International)


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