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A few years ago we spent a weekend camping with our church at El Capitan State Beach.  During that trip we got stuck in a camping spot in the very center of a small pasture surrounded by thick tree-laden wind breaks…but we were no where near one of those wind breaks.  During the night a strong wind took our tent and beat it to the ground.  We were still inside when this happened, but were soon outside, because our tent did not survive the windstorm that thrashed us throughout the night.  The next morning, tired, dirty, and pretty unhappy with what had been a horrible night, we took a drive and found ourselves across the highway at Ocean Mesa RV Resort.  The first thing that struck us were the showers and bathrooms.  They were well maintained, clean, and inviting.  Even though we weren’t guests, we availed ourselves and had what were probably the best showers of our lives.  Refreshed, we explored a bit further.  What we discovered was that even though this place is geared toward RV “campers” (are they really camping, after all, if they are inside a mobile apartment?), they also have tent campsites, and best of all, clean showers and bathrooms.  We’ve visited this place often since.  And we talk about this place often enough to have come to the realization that it is one of our favorite places.  This last weekend was probably one of our best.  We got to see something we never knew existed…vintage trailer people.  Now, we can’t wait to become vintage trailer people ourselves.  So, if anyone knows of anyone who is trying to get rid of an old trailer that is rusting away in their back yard, let us know.  Their junk just might become our next adventure.

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