Riley's Farm 042013

Riley’s Farm

Riley's Farm

Well, it’s 4/20, and I have to admit, there wasn’t a whole lot of chronic being passed around our house.  For good or bad, it was a pretty sober day, with many hours of happy family time.  We walked, we explored, the kids played, and we ate sandwiches and drank freshly squeezed apple cider at Riley’s Farm.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I think today was pretty close to a 10.  It’s 7:30pm, and Aby is probably asleep for the night.  We’re getting a small late dinner ready, and will probably all be out in a couple more hours.  In the morning we have a horse shoot, and I have to admit, this sounds like an awful lot of fun.  Gonna take the kids.  They love horses, and I like to give them as many opportunities as possible to interact with horses, cows, ducks, dogs….you get the picture.

Happy 4/20, everyone.  Hope yours is as healthy, clean, and sober as ours.

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