Abigail and Alison sisters Glen Oaks White Picket Fence maggie's FarmWhen Bea and I are gone, and if God is willing, that will not be for a mighty long time, these two will be left maybe not alone, but with shared memories and shared love that will be the greatest gifts that we could possibly have given them.  There is something sacred about families, and something even more sacred about the sisterhood.  I’ve seen the closeness of my own sisters, even in times of anger and in times of exhaustion with each other, let some crisis arise, and they have presented unified fronts that would prove formidable to any force that might seek to hurt any of them individually.  I want my own daughters to understand the importance of each to each, to feel their shared blood and shared upbringing coursing through them and holding them together like the glue of life.  They are lucky to have each other.  That’s what their mother and I need to teach them.


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