Summer is Almost Gone

Here Comes the Bride


Wow, summer is almost gone.  It’s still hot—103f yesterday when I took this shot.  A storm was moving in, and a lot of people were in a panic, but you’d never know it by looking on these faces.  I was thinking last night, and even wrote on my personal Facebook page how taking pictures of weddings makes me really appreciate the family that God has given me.  I love my wife and my kids, and every time I am fortunate enough to shoot at a wedding, I can’t help but stop for just a moment and hope that the couple getting married grow together to enjoy the love and happiness that Bea and I share.  Marriage is tough.  There is no doubt about that.  But it is a partnership like no other.  It is probably the closest that human beings can ever know to that perfect relationship that God designed for each of us…perfect sharing, caring, and enduring.

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