Abi at sunset lit by a crack of light shining through an open doorLast night my wife came home from work, and as she opened the door, a stream of light shot across the room and lit Abi with a golden beam that made her skin and hair come to life.  Luckily, I’d been shooting earlier, so my camera was nearby and still had a memory card and battery inside.

The fortunate moments are, perhaps, the best moments.  This was a very fortunate moment for me photographically.  But there have been so many, that I am beginning to think that fortunate moments come most often when one’s senses are open to them.  So, I guess, the conclusion for me is that keeping my eyes and ears open have given me a pretty nice life.

If you like this picture, maybe you’d like some pictures of your own kids, too.  Email me.  We can talk.


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