Taking Pictures of People at Night

The night was made specifically for the loves of our youth.  It’s a magical time whose magic lies in its ability to draw soft vignettes around our most splendid qualities.  We are taller at night, we are brighter at night, we are more witty and beautiful and in cosmic alignment with that greater and more infinite darkness that spreads itself out forever beyond the reach of our eyes.  We shine in such darkness, and that glow is the glow that should have been ours at all moments had Adam and Eve not fallen into their respective sins.  And so, we get a taste of what God intended at night.  If we are good, we feel the warm breath of God’s love and His design.  Sadly, for those with evil hearts, there is only a fear-inspiring blackness to match the blackness of the empty soul.  How sad for them.  Just look at the joy they are missing.

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