Abigail walking along the dry riverbed of WhiteWater Preserve Maggie's Farm Photo


If you look at the shadow that lies ever so gingerly at Abi’s feet, you will notice that it is small, and close to her body.  Unless you happen to be especially analytical, you will likely go no further with this thought.  A photographer, however, will always look for and at these shadows, because they tell everything you need to know about the picture.  The sun is high here, meaning the time is not ideal for photography.  You cannot avoid harsh contrasts at this time of day.  You cannot shoot with this sun directly in the face of your subject…well, you can, but at the end of the photo shoot your subject will need medical attention if blindness has not already ensued.  A photographer…a REAL photographer…reads pictures like these and sees instantly how the subject was handled.  In my very objective opinion as the father of this very lovely little girl this is a beautiful picture taken in what is often an impossible situation.  The light is bad, but the picture is good.  It is good because despite the harsh lighting conditions, she still looks beautiful and is beautifully lit.  That is why it is worthwhile to pay someone when the photograph you want is important.  A good photographer can get the shot in nearly any situation.   Have an important event coming up?  Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Gradation?  It’s worth the cost of a pro.

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