You never know who is watching

Caught in the act…

I’ve made the argument before, and I think I will stick with it just a bit longer, the street photographer is more historian than voyeur.  I love taking street photos.  There is little in the world more challenging or fun than walking the streets (or in this case, the dunes), and looking for a bit of life to capture.  I’ve done this since I was a kid, and still get the same thrill when I hit upon a scene like the one above.

Why historian, though, and not simply voyeur?  I think it has to do with the motives behind taking shots like the one above.  Someday, this beach will not look like this.  This couple will be separated or dead.  With the advent of global warming, even the sea itself may look different.  So, I took a picture in order to stop time, and if all goes well, someone, someday, will stumble upon this pictures, or others like it, and have an understanding of relationships in the early 21st century, of climate, our geology, and, perhaps, a hint about urban spread.

There is peace in our time.  I can demonstrate that with pictures like the one above.  Today, there is room to escape (but not much).  I think I’d like to document that.

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